Texas Longhorn's loss to TCU

Why the Texas Longhorn’s loss to TCU is so embarrassing

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As a graduate of Texas A&M, I’ve always taken to heart the fierce rivalry between the Aggies and the Texas Longhorns. Being completely honest here, when I was still at A&M, we were still apart of the Big 12. Texas consistently beat us EVERY year, it was a horrible feeling. But my, my, how the tables have turned in 2015. I never thought I’d see the day when Texas A&M, TCU, and even Baylor were more relevant and competitive in terms of Texas college football.  I definitely get satisfaction at the downfall of the Longhorns BUT.. this past Saturday, I sort of felt a tiny bit of sympathy for them.

TCU obliterated Texas, 50-7,  in a staggering fashion. The loss was so bad that in the middle of the game,  a Texas player retweeted a comment about transferring to Texas A&M. The loss was so bad that a rebellious employee for the Texas Rangers tweeted “Fire Charlie”  referring to Texas’ head coach Charlie Strong,  on the official Texas Rangers Twitter page.

It has only been 10 years since the Texas Longhorns won the National Championship. How in the world did they get to this point?  At the end of the day, I am a Texan, and regardless of rivalry, Texas can’t go around embarrassing the whole state on TV.  Football is king in Texas.  At this point, I hope they can at least start losing with some dignity.   With all that being said, the Aggies look to be representing Texas properly this year!

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