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Why You Should Use Our Trending News Portal

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Our trending news portal and review site is the most unique news and review portal you’re ever going to find. It’s a part of a bigger plan that will explore the concept of user motivated visibility- brand awareness, local deals, news as it happens, and the power to create trends. That’s the small picture. The Bigger Picture and other reasons why the concept of The Trending is pretty cool:

The Trending News Portal

  1. It’s a part of the Enlightened Eclectic Socialite7 Concept- users get paid for what they already do. We’re calling it the Getpato (pronounced like Geppetto) engine. We’re actually building several different platforms and apps- an answer engine, an events engine, a freelancing engine. Of course we’ll put our own little twist on it. We wouldn’t want to reveal too much. Ahem, back to our trending news portal.
  2. We’re cool. The site is pretty dope and looks pretty unique. If you see a site like it we’re going to change it. I mean that’s fair right? Just kidding, but we want to make it a household name and need the help of all of our trendsetters.
  3. Our trending news portal is like cash-back for your experiences or mystery shopping, but better. It is the site that keeps on giving. Once your initial publisher’s bonus is allocated, you will continue to earn based on revenue share.
  4. Our reviews are empty right now because this is a project meant for visibility. We want the experiences to be genuine and built by our trendsetters. We believe we will get organic reviews instead of fabricated or manufactured, especially because we’re paying people to give us their unbiased opinion. We are not swayed by other companies to leave a particular type of review. We want to tell the world about the service you provide, unfettered.
  5. Click here to read the latest daily news– our trending news portal. 
  6. The Best reason to become a trendsetter is because we like to have fun. This is not an uptight power house. We’re real human beings and if you get jargon from us, that’s sounds like a robot, it won’t be automated. :)
  7. We give back. Marty Mart love the kids. We’re going to be giving back to different charities every month. Make a difference- be a trendsetter.

Trendsetters, Share The Deets