NBA Rankings 2016

The Real NBA Rankings 2016: Does ESPN Watch Basketball?

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(TT)–NBA rankings 2016–Projections, injuries, stats- throw all of those numbers out of the window. When it comes to playing basketball there’s no stat that can help you when you have to defend a Kobe Bryant or a Dwayne Wade. The reason for this post stems from the egregious errors made by picking Kobe 93rd and Dwayne Wade 46th.

Stephen A Smith says these rankings (NBA rankings 2016) are more than blasphemous. Agreed! Keep in mind Lebron James could probably win this every year, but bear with me this list is about the best players in the NBA for 2016. This means will to win, talent, how well they play with and how valuable they are to their teams, and ultimately how valuable they are to the game. This is a real nba rankings for 2016. ESPN must be distracted by baseball right now.

Real NBA Rankings 2016


1. Lebron James

I mean do we even have to say why he’s number 1? Even though everyone has him picked so high, it’s because he’s probably the 3rd best player of all time. Obviously, he’s the best player in the NBA right now.

2. James Harden

James Harden was probably robbed of the MVP title last year, but I guess who cares? We’re talking about the 2016 NBA season. He’s a pretty good mid rang shooter, great ball handler, he’s a great in and out player, but that step back, Euro-


step, and being left-handed combination is something serious. OKC was crazy for not really using his talent- that was their ‘Big Three’. Fear… the… beard.


3. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is the real baby faced assassin. I don’t want to call it too soon, but he’s probably going to go down as the best shooter in NBA history. Plagued by injuries early on, no one knew just how good he was. I did. My cousin told me about him and when I saw a clip of him I was wowed…

…but no one could predict just how great of a shooter he would become. The shots he made last year were something out of a video game. Almost every night he was playing NBA Jams (“He’s on fire”), while everyone else was playing NBA 2K. Truly a gift to the game, I hope he continues to shoot lights out. Oh yea, HE… HAS… HANDLES too, which makes him unstoppable.

4. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant may say some weird stuff in the media, but he’s probably the most unstoppable out of the unstoppables. The only way you stop him if he’s not shooting well that night. He’s like Dirk but athletic. Youtube the video of him playing against Paul George and James Harden.


The guy is one of the best shooters the game has ever seen and probably the best ball handling 6’11” basketball player the world has ever seen. I don’t know who shoots better, him or Dirk, but he definitely creates his own shots whenever he wants. If he was more aggressive, the league would be in trouble.


5. Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is the best ‘Big Man’ in the league right now and probably for a long time to come. He can pretty much do anything on the court except be a point guard. He plays both sides, offense and defense, like a monster. He’s a walking 20 points 20 rebounds, every night he steps onto the court. He blocks and changes shots.

If he had Hakeem Olajuwon coaching he could be the best player in the NBA. If you have never used FANDUEL, his fantasy points are always on point. He usually leads everyone whenever he plays- he’s a monster (not because of the eyebrows).

6. Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is actually my favorite player in the NBA. Even though he is criticized for taking too many shots or being selfish, he plays with his heart every single game. He never gives up. He talks to the media like a real person- like really real. Most of all, he has this unmatched explosiveness and quick, decisive moves, that can’t be guarded. He is truly one of the unstoppable players in the league (maybe of all time). Plus, last year he was actually a very all around player- the media couldn’t say anything negative about his game.



7. Kobe Bryant

Black Mamba, the second best NBA player to play the game– behind Michael Jordan– no one can truly stop him except for ‘Father Time’. He’s not like Lebron James, who can be stopped by a double team or Iguodala in the 2015 NBA finals. Kobe cannot be stopped. I would have ranked him higher, but his time is up.

Even though he’s still highly skilled he’s not the same Kobe that we either love or hate.
I actually think he had better overall skills than Jordan (mainly ball handling), but just didn’t have the same impact that Jordan had on the game. By the way, ESPN’s rankings are just nonsensical. Even if it is based on numbers, there should always be an exception to an algorithm. You know, because we’re human beings or whatever…

8. Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is probably the best ball handler in the game today. The things he does on the court, slicing through defends, going to the lane and throwing up left handed layups off the glass, is something to be admired. He shoots well, is a great point guard, and is very competitive (maybe not as competitive as Chris Paul, but whatev). His only fault is his defense and injuries. That doesn’t stop him from being one of the best players in the NBA today though.



9. Demarcus Cousins

I mean this dude is mean (Stephen A. voice). He’s an ode to the traditional big man, coupled with more modern skills. He’s like a better, young Amar’e Stoudemire, with less athleticism and more prowess. So, I guess he’s not like him at all :).

He’s already very talented, almost unguardable. If he was a little more athletic he’d be really unstoppable. I look forward to seeing him get even better this upcoming 2016 NBA season.

10. Chris Paul

Chris Paul is the best traditional point guard in the game today. Even though Kyrie and Stephen Curry might have him beat on ‘handles’, this dude has quick moves that he owns. He doesn’t really have a great crossover like Deron Williams, Jamaal Crawford, Iverson or the great Tim Hardaway, but he does this in and out move that’s pretty cool and hard to defend. He’s kind of like Isiah Thomas- the older one.

I wouldn't feel right if I overlooked the amazing talent of these players
Dwayne Wade, John Wall, Damian Lilard, Eric Bledsoe, Jimmy Butler, Jeff Teague. These players are BALLIN’ too. We’ll be releasing a top 20 list and will update picks as the season goes on.

There’s no issue with having a problem with the picks, but to base them solely on projections and injuries and statistics, and not impact or prowess is just ridiculous. Even though Wade is not in the top 10 of my list, he clearly has that ‘it‘ factor that makes him a better player than 46th (like ESPN- NBA rankings 2016– ranked him). Kobe’s ranking of 93rd is just pure comedy. If you don’t believe me, go guard them.

Criticisms of the ESPN rankings
They have Kevin Love,21, ahead of Tim Duncan, 23. This algorithm must factor age instead of contribution to the game. Frankly, ESPN should click the my bad button with this 2016 NBA ranking. No one likes it.

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