The New Field Goal Rule

The New Field Goal Rule

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The new field goal rule probably has average to not-so-good kickers all over the nation feeling really weird, like their jobs are not as secure as the former 20 yard field goals were. The NFL’s extra points have been automatic in the past. I don’t remember seeing a missed extra attempt, unless it was blocked. In the first week I saw four. I guess to add more excitement to the game, or to make the game less predictable, the extra point distance was changed to 33 yrds instead of 20yrds.

Boy has that 10 yards made a huge difference.

I mean I hardly saw any missed 33 yarders last year, but this year, in the first few weeks there’s been a myriad of misses. Talk about a jinx? The NFL just proverbially froze the kicker. At least they accomplished one thing: no more bathroom breaks during the game. Oh, and head coaches’ reactions to the misses- PRICELESS!

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