The New Classics

The New Classics

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I was scrolling through a few gossip sites when I came across a story about Sisqo suing a company called 27 Red Music over unpaid royalties from “The Thong Song”. Apparently, he is seeking $3.6 million.

My first thought when reading this: Sisqo deserves his coins because “The Thong Song” was a classic… *cues the sound of screeching tires* Now, I consider myself a mature music lover. I love to soak up the sounds of Motown or relax to a little neo soul but when the inner voice in my head mentioned “The Thong Song” and the word classic in the same sentence, I knew that the standards of music for my generation have plummeted. I am a little embarrassed but the truth is “The Thong Song” and other shady hits (looking at you “Back that Azz up”) will be regarded as the classics. *hangs head in shame* This thinking is not all my fault; I blame  Uncle Luke. After he went down to Capitol Hill to fight for the freedom of speech for freak nasty singers and rappers, all kinds of crazy songs have hit the air waves.

Now, “the Thong Song” came out more than a decade ago; so, a scarier thought creeps in my mind:  what about the current hits of today?  Can you imagine sitting in your rocking chair at 80 years old, and hearing “Trap Queen”. Try to explain that to your great grandchildren that this was a classic song! Welp, looks like our only hope for some good new Classics are the British soul singers.

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