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The Late 20s Crisis: When Ish Gets Real

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Have you ever heard of the mid-life crisis? We all have but no one really talks about the late 20’s crisis. Yep, it’s a real thing. A quiet epidemic that has affected me, my circle of friends, my family, co workers, and even my Facebook timeline shows evidence of the struggle. Life is full of ups and downs, but once a person passes 25, something happens. Life gets too real, play time is over, and it’s time to start this maniacal race to have it all. You suddenly notice your generational peers getting married, getting promoted, having children, traveling the world, and then you look at yourself. That’s when the crisis hits…

“Why aren’t I married yet?”, “Why don’t I have my dream job yet?”, or “Why can’t I make what he or she makes?” There’s this unspoken expectation that you have to have it all before 30 or you’re losing in life but honestly, where does this pressure come from? Who sets these expectations?

I think the late 20’s has become a standard checkpoint in life. A pulse check  of sorts. A way of letting us know if the sum of our life decisions thus far is leading us to success and happiness. But what I realized today is that there is no real one size fits all. I just witnessed a couple get married today, the first marriage for both,  and they are well into their 40’s.  So stay encouraged my fellow 20 somethings!  We don’t have to accept this “crisis”.  Life doesn’t have to be this crazy rat race, and thanks to advancements in medicine, SURPRISE, life doesn’t end after 30!


Have you or someone you know experienced the late 20’s crisis?

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