Season Premieres September 2015- Didn’t Really Live up to Expectations

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A season opener should be just as put together as a series opener. Not only should it set the tone for the entire season, it should win the hearts of potential fans and existing fans all over again. The world was expecting these three shows to be awe inspiring, back like they never left, but Au contraire, they were meh-inspiring. These season premieres for September 2015, didn’t really live up to expectations:

Scandal wasn’t expected to have a blasé season opener, but it did. Don’t get me wrong, all you Olivia Pope followers- It’s a good show, but I wasn’t wowed; how many ways can the president screw Olivia Pope? Huck is still unstable. Jake is somehow going to be a part of Olivia’s life again. Cyrus will somehow resume his role as conniving friend, with the homosexual red herring, who has the president’s best interest at heart. The president will always be unsure of himself… yada yada yada. With that being said the show is still pretty good. It’s like Bluebell icecream… you know how it’s going to taste even if there are specs of Listeria in it. It’s the de facto go to for Thursday television (especially when the Giants are playing the Redskins).






Empire was probably the biggest disappointment, because we were all waiting for something  duplicitous to happen for almost the ENTIRE episode. Only in it’s second season, one would expect something big planned for the opener- not a hackneyed, free insert-rapper’s-name-here- concert. Lucious is in jail, cameos galore (everybody was in that thang), and then at the end thingsboobookitty pick up 15 minutes before the show ends. Well, I was shocked at the gorilla suit during the concert. That was pretty interesting. I get the message that was supposed to be sent (they do that whole satire thing), but ‘chomonlee’ (Chris Tucker voice)… It’s a gorilla suit. Nevertheless, this TV hit will always be on everyone’s radar; hopefully,  and at least from the looks of the the sneak peek, the season should pick up. Okay, second highlight of the day was the dancing…LMAO.

Heroes was okay, but a bit long winded. The two hour premiere had a lot of catching up to do, but didn’t really catch us up. All I know is that they have to find a grown up Molly. The hiatus needed to be filled in; what happened to Nathan, Peter, Sylar and Clair? Well, Bennett suggests his ‘Clairbear’ is dead, but we know that can’t be true. What happened to his wife? Where is Hiro? I thought the opener was going to be two hours long because it was obligated to tell us what happened, not just things to come. We needed that nostalgia from familiar names, faces and powers that Heroes painted in our minds. We were left with a familiar Bennett, Mohinder’s narration with accompanying mystic musical score and the Hatian, Rene, getting killed. I needed more, Heroes (not just more heroes)!

Even though slightly disappointed by these season openers, I’m expecting the next episodes to be much better. The directors must be lowering our expectations to build them back up, like we’re being hazed :).

  • Heroes-eh
  • Scandal-meh
  • Empire- double MEH!

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