Joshua Goldberg, who else feels like this?

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Caught unawares like a little kid with his hand in a cookie jar, with eyebrows raised and abrupt look of surprise, Joshua Goldberg…

Deserves to get donkey of the day.

Now, I didn’t listen to the Breakfast Club this morning (and I don’t know if Donkey of the Day exists on the weekend), but you just can’t make this stuff up…


joshua goldberg donkey of the day

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Apparently, Joshua Goldberg, in all of his infinite wisdom, was caught trying to aid terrorism. The plan was foiled before it really ever began. Ridiculously, he claims he was an internet troll supplying information to a person who would carry out a bombing at a Kansas City 911 memorial. How sick is that? Did people not suffer enough on that terrible day? People still have to live with the loss of loved ones and purity they once embraced. And this dude has to audacity to make such an evil attempt to steal more humanity? Even if he is the troll he claims to be, he deserves to get everything coming to him- hopefully, more than the title of donkey that he has lived up to already.



And the way he got caught just speaks mounds to the state of affairs of this world. Like, who gets caught doing that type of stuff? It’s like hearing about someone getting caught downloading music illegally or like the subway- dude- weight- loser turned pedophile (said in a British accent). I know, poor taste. But you get what I’m saying: life is stranger than fiction (not that Subway picked a poor spokesperson, or that their sandwiches taste like a ton of carbs and salty meats- nothing like that :) ).


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