Samuel Jackson Escapes Jury Duty

Samuel Jackson Escapes Jury Duty, Apparently…

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If you’re human or Samuel Jackson (of course he’s human- just paying respects to one of the greatest actors of all time), you’ve probably tried to get out of jury duty once or thrice. When that letter comes in the mail you’re all fidgety and nervous. Then you’re slightly relieved after you open it because it’s not some crazy allegation, subpoena or some ticket from those dumb cameras that catch you running a red light when you were just on the way to the mall then the movies (it was yellow). Ahem! On the other hand, when you read that it’s jury duty, you have one word for the system: “Meh!” I don’t know if that’s a word, but the third thing that comes to mind is: “how the hell am I going to get outta this nonsense (not that there’s anything wrong with jury duty- Seinfeld voice)?”

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My number has been called twice now: once in college and once in med school.  In college I was just going to do what all young adults do when they’re faced with seemingly trivial obstacles: ignore it. Then I remembered an episode of Martin: Waiting, Debating & Ovulating. Crazy title, but the moral of the story was: you never want to be in court if you don’t have to; you NEVER know what’s going to happen with our court system. What I’m saying is you don’t want to get stuck in court all day, especially when you’re going to have a baby or you live in Florida (o.O) or if you have some “acting obligations”. One of those three scenarios was the case and point with Mr. Jackson.

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The good ‘ol I’m in school trick worked like a charm for me, but you don’t need that excuse when you’re Sam Jack. He had acting obligations apparently. How great is it when you can just decide to read a script on a whim. I’m pretty sure he has scripts thrown at him all day. I would just read like five lines of a script and then throw up the papers like I’m throwing up my hat during graduation.

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‘Anywho’, when Samuel Jackson escapes jury duty it’s probably a blessing in disguise for the criminal. Could you imagine him on a panel of jurors? LMAO- take a look at him on the stand, and you’ll have an idea of what might be going through his head:

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Now do you think Samuel Jackson deserves to skip jury duty?  Of  course.

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