Hayden Panettiere has postpartum depression

Hayden Panettiere has Postpartum Depression: 9 Signs

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(TT) – Hayden Panettiere has postpartum depression and has to take leave from ‘Nashville’.  Our thoughts go out to “the cheerleader” (we loved her in the first Heroes), as she seeks professional help, but it’s just really weird how her mother on Nashville actually had the same disease. It’s almost as if they deliberately planned to implement it into the show after they figured out Hayden was diagnosed, but People Magazine says “storyline was “planned and started playing out long before.”

Recently telling Australia’s TV Week, “You’re just miserable to be around. It’s really scary and lonely,” Post partum depression is a real clinical depression that makes a person sad, have low energy and have reduced desires.


The cause for this type of depression is poorly understood, like a lot of diseases are, but here are nine signs and risk factors to look out for mothers who are expecting:

1. A Personal or Family History of Depression

If mom or grandma had it ask her how it affected her. You could have slightly increased chance of having it as well.

2. Decreased Sexual Drive

I mean if this happens to someone who normally likes it, something has to be wrong. Go see a doc.

3. Maternity Blues

So, with pregnancy, there is some times a short period of time where you feel some emotional instability, but if it lasts longer than two weeks or is very severe it can transform into postpartum depression.

4. Low Self Esteem

Moms, if you have low self esteem before you have kids, sometimes you can think children give you a reason for esteem or self worth. If you can assess yourself and see if you need to speak to someone professionally about this because esteem should radiate from within. If your reason for having  a kid is to make you happy, unfortunately it might not go as planned.

5. Prenatal Depression

If you suffer from depression before you have the baby, you increase your risk of being depressed after you have the baby. There’s no shame in seeking professional help. Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes.

6. Your Child Prefers Formula Over Breast Feeds

Sometime kids prefer formula for some reason. This is a common scenario. When this happens mothers sometimes start supplementing ever so often, but that can turn into all the time because it becomes more convenient. If this happens don’t get too down on yourself. Try your best to breast feed if that’s what you planned. Also, you could try pumping and placing the break milk into bottles. Try to trick your baby- but just know it might not work. They’re smart!

7. Infant Issues that Deal with Care.

If baby has an issue with colic or anything like that, number one, it’s not your fault. When issues arise, mother’s understandably take them to heart. Go the docs and let them treat the problem. The less stress you have the less chances of postpartum depression you’ll have.

8. Unplanned Pregnancies

Talk about added stress, whenever you have something that is unplanned it throws you off your game- mentally, physically and emotionally. Try to stay even keeled and know that for the next 9 months you’re going to go through some changes that you might not be prepared for. Go to family for support or friends. You need a support system.

9. Out of Sync Hormone Levels

Okay, to people who say it was just hormones. There has been a link to postpartum depression and not so normal levels of oxytocin and prolactin. Did you know oxytocin is important in milk let down and prolactin is important for producing milk?


Enfin, despite watching out for these signs, of course, things just happen. Even though I’m sure she had all of the help she could get, followed all of the rules, went to all of her check ups, took all the prenatal pills, is a celebrity, Hayden Panettiere has postpartum depression. So sometimes it just happens. By coming forward and letting her fans know that she has been struggling with this disease, she will inspire mothers with the same condition, who might believe they did something wrong. Most of all, hopefully, she can get the help she deserves get back to being the Nashville star we are accustomed to seeing.

Unfortunately, dads, you can get it too. We’ll be following the story closely and giving you updates.

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