Quantico actors

Quantico Actors Live Up to Expectations

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Quantico actors live up to the expectations of reviewers all over the country, especially me. More than just a cool name, it has the makings of a great show. It’s like a pretty girl who has more to offer than just looks, or a luxury car with good gas mileage. This is pretty good TV. The actors have great chemistry together, and good backstories are being set up and explored early on. It’s telling Scandal, Empire and other shows how television is supposed to work. Good call ABC.

Quantico actors

Often called the “Beyonce of Bollywood” Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) sets the tone for the show really early with a car quickie

Quantico does what most of the season premieres couldn’t, as it shocks us within the first few scenes with the debauchery we crave. It sets up antagonists, potential love interests, obstacles, subterfuge, suicide- I mean the show was pretty dramatic. Even though it puts a crazy spin on what would be FBI training camp, I imagine the double agent/spy theme they’ve premised the show on is a fear that Americans can identify with. It’s like Homeland- trying to stop the big T is of the utmost importance, and the struggle and obsession to figure out ‘whodunnit’ makes us keep watching. So keep watching…






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