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3 Reasons why Mellie Grant is Hillary Clinton

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(TT) – One of the greatest shows of all time, Shonda Rhimes created an awesome piece of work in Scandal– a black woman and “fixer” who’s screwing a Caucasian president of the United States. Werd?

Werd. It’s gold, empowering to women and taboo all rolled in one. From Fitz and Olivia, Jake and Olivia, Mellie and her sidepiece, to Cyrus and his “sexcapades”, only Thursday Night Football can compete with this debauchery. I mean sheesh, this is great, over-the-top TV.

In recent a discussion about Scandal I was asked who Mellie reminded me of- this has to be on everyone’s mind- Mellie Grant is Hillary Clinton. We laughed and came to the conclusion that this can’t be a mystery. Maybe just overlooking the obvious, or not a subject in need of scrutiny, a quick google search landed me only a few results.

Nevertheless, the comparisons cannot be coincidence for three main reasons: they have the same main headline, obviously they were both cheated on with headlines saying it was the intern, and nothing is going to stop either of them from becoming the first female President of the United States.

Reason 1:  They both have pretty congruent headlines- Lawyer, Senator, First Lady, Future first female president of the United States, who were both cheated on by the President and his taboo mistress. Of course, by taboo, in the case of Monica Lewinsky, I mean ugly. In the case of Olivia Pope,  by taboo, of course, I mean Black.

Reason 2: The obvious link is the infidelity by the POTUS. However, think about this- Monica Lewinsky was the intern. Olivia Pope is, of course, no intern, but they tried to hide the adultery by tricking America into thinking the intern was screwing Fitz. Great scapegoat- thanks Ms. Lewinsky.

Reason 3: Mellie is eventually going to become the first woman president of the united states. Mellie set out to do this when she allowed herself to join Fitz’s crazy family, and opted to stay despite being forced into sex by the Father, and despite knowing her husband was cheating on her (and pretty openly too). Her resolve is unmatched. And who knows if Hillary still loves or every loved Bill? I don’t, but what is astonishing about her is the fact that Republicans are throwing everything they can find about her to try to sabotage her credibility as a leader- the freaking email scandal has to stop. It’s over- I mean, it could have been a bigger deal, but it’s not. Stop harping on it- she’s going to win and there’s nothing a Donald Trump or Fox News can do about it.

By speaking it into existence- giving this task to Olivia pope- she’s already won in Shondaland. It’s only a matter of time before the real life Mellie Grant, Hillary Clinton, wins as well.

Enfin, after doing more research, the actress who plays Mellie Grant, Bellamy Young,  actually made the comparison herself. The main question, however, goes to Shonda Rhimes: was Mellie deliberately designed after Hillary Clinton? If she was this would have been a pretty good prediction or maybe an idea that has now evolved favorably. Two things are for sure: this show lives up to the hype, and Thursday nights will always belong to Scandal.

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  • AngelaNYC12

    Forced into sex? Uhm. Rape.