New Device Helps Paralyzed Man Walk

New Device Helps Paralyzed Man Walk- Crazy

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We’re getting into that age- that Sci-Fi, life is stranger than fiction, self driving cars age. Artificial Intelligence passing Turing tests,  missions to Mars age; the world is advancing before our eyes, as imagination and science bend and blend our realities. Pretty soon, flying cars (really) and organ replacement (via organ imprinting) will be forks in the roads of yesteryear. For now, we’ll settle for something more believable like paralyzed individuals walking again, aided by mech-tech and his or her mind. And actually, one question comes to mind:

Are we in the Matrix?

I ask that jokingly of course, but the answer is no. Not yet, but as everything changes and we become inevitably even more advanced, it seems like someone from the future planted these seeds. And now they’re just sophisticated flies on the walls of our evolution. Electricity, The Space Shuttle, the internet- far from the discovery of fire, but not so modern marvels anymore, each time a watershed in technology butterfly effects, the world begins again.

We begin At UCI where they’re unveiling some really cool, cyborgy things. The guy in the video has been paralyzed for about 5 years:

“In the preliminary proof-of-concept study, led by UCI biomedical engineer Zoran Nenadic and neurologist An Do, a person with complete paralysis in both legs due to spinal cord injury was able – for the first time – to take steps without relying on manually controlled robotic limbs.”

Now he can take steps toward a different future. Even though small steps, these scary implications put a smile on my face, but with raised eyebrows. There are so many great things we can do with this technology. This is really inspiring stuff, but this is in essence a sort of mind/body control. it just seems like “Frankenstein” or “The Island of Dr. Moreau” or “Terminator” were and are not too far off from reality (or a sign of things to come…) Maybe I’m looking too much into a crystal ball that won’t exist for us, but the second question I have to ask myself is:

What fruit roll ups will they roll out with next(jk…:))? The answer is: I don’t know, but I can’t wait. Read the full story here.

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