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Blackberry Priv – Keeping up with the Joneses

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Blackberry Priv(TT) – Clearly an attempt at redemption, and slight regression to the means, from first look, the Blackberry Priv seems to be a solution to the problem all new age phones possess- an onscreen keyboard that is left to be desired.

The company, once giant in the mobile phone industry, launched its first Android  device on Friday. The company just cannot part with the keyboard, but this time in a world full of tactile void keyboards it might be a good thing.

I mean, it doesn’t matter if it’s iphone, nokia (do they still make phones?), samsung, or any other android, any windows phone- there’s just something missing whenever there’s not a physical keyboard…

… But society doesn’t want an old Blackberry either. We don’t want that scroll ball that always got stuck. We don’t want screens that are not able to be touched. We want a company who can ‘keep up with the Joneses, but still give us something better.

We want it all (Drake Voice).

For the longest time Blackberry struggled to find an identity amongst companies and phones that adapted to the standard set forth by Iphone. They suffered because of it. In an earlier post we discussed the failure of companies to adapt to and their ultimate demise. Many thought their stock would plummet even lower than the 7 dollars a share that it is now.

But now might be the time to buy in, because It looks like BB is getting another chance. I’m glad, because people have really taken parts of remnants the company left behind and put them to good use.

The blackberry messenger, for instance, were most likely the inspiration for the Groupmes and Whatsapps of the world that have really flourished. Hopefully with the new phone, they will continue the theme of new and upgrade the blackberry messenger or something better.

We want to be wowed by fancy pasta, not fed the tomato soup that the old blackberry was…

…And the Blackberry Priv seems like a hybrid between the two… It’s not a flip phone, but for purists it has that flip or Sidekick familiarity.

Obviously, the keyboard is a big deal. People type really fast, but on Iphones or androids, it’s so difficult to be accurate or precise with words. Shut up becomes what’s up. Frustrating, random text becomes come over. Let me type out my frustrations… but I digress.

Plus, we want something to touch- it’s a phone, not a movie. The virtual interface looks good in Minority Report and Iron Man, but we’re not there yet. In real life, we’re stuck with 3D movies and google glasses.

Enfin, BB is still alive and kicking. Thankfully, they didn’t come out with their own operating system. Blackberry Priv is team Android, and though the price is a bit steep, let’s hope, this time, they will be here for the long run.

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