ronda rousey versus tank abbott

Ronda Rousey versus Tank Abbott: Round 1!

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Rowdy Ronda Rousey versus Tank Abbott? I’d never, ever, believe that I’d ever ask myself that question in real life.

Ronda Rousey has had her fair share of run in with men recently: Floyd and now Tank Abbott. There’s no excuse for hitting a woman, obviously, and she took this sentiment to the doorstep of Mayweather when she pretty much called him out to fight her. Obviously, Mayweather didn’t dignify it with a response, and I don’t know who’d win the fight, but what happens when someone calls Rowdy Ronda Rousey out? Apparently Tank Abbott did after Rousey claimed to be the greatest fighter in the world. I guess he thinks he is??? LOL. Or maybe he’s just strapped for 15 minutes of fame, as he (now 50) hasn’t competed since 2013 in a loss to Ruben Vilareal.

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The Craziest Part is that his Terms of Winning is for Ronda to Make him a Sandwich…lol

I mean what kind of sandwich does it have to be? Because if it’s like a plain Jane subway sandwich  then she should be game, but if it’s a gourmet sandwich, like an Earl of Sandwich… then I don’t know about all that. Okay jokes aside, does she put her money, or sandwich where her mouth is? Or does she realize that this might be the worst decision of her life and just chill. Please chill. Clearly Abbott is being sexist as he finishes off his terms with the sandwich thing, but even if she ends up somehow beating a tank, will she ever be able to fight again? Will she be in someone’s ER after the fight? I mean you have to ask yourself these questions. I mean Abbott is really a tank. It’s not like Scottie Pippen calling out Lisa Leslie to a game of 21. This is like Lela Ali calling out Mike Tyson after he bit off Evander’s ear. Tank Abbott has NOTHING to lose (well 100K actually), and everything to gain- well at least sandwich…LOL. Read more about the story here.

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