Charlie Sheen has HIV

Charlie Sheen has HIV

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(TT) – Charlie Sheen has HIV.

This type of “shocking” news doesn’t have the same effect as it did when Magic dropped the news in the 90s, but Charlie Sheen going on the Today show to reveal his diagnosis is shocking for different reasons.

The playboy having the big H doesn’t even compare to Lebron taking his talents to Miami.

We’re not shocked per se, but recently, there was a buzz around the nation involving a popular Hollywood actor and HIV.

All the right signals for a crazy story, people who saw front page story and started salivating. Tabloid antennae became erect. People wanted answers, and they were going to get it.

There was a porn star who divulged information- that a womanizing, HIV diagnosed Hollywood A-lister, had been galavanting with porn stars for years. The news became mystery. Sad news turned to wonder. People where already talked about litigation instead of the health ramifications that his partners could face…

…But that’s the society we live in- glam and glitz, the proverbial breaking news.

Charlie Sheen Reveals that he has HIVToday on the Today show Charlie Sheen revealed that he lives with the diagnosis of HIV.

He further let it be known that he was free now, because he was paying people off to keep it secret. He dispelled rumors about him having sex with people without them knowing about his diagnosis, but it’s a little weird to think that someone would knowingly has sex with someone who has HIV. There are instances when lovers do this, but for hired prostitutes and porn stars to do this is a bit suspect. Nevertheless, he claims that he has had this immunodeficiency for about 4 years and has been treated ever since- still womanizing, but without the drugs.

We as a society know that it’s not the end of the line-like it once was- but it still has the worst stigma associated with it. And that’s the exact reason he was afraid to reveal his diagnosis. He was afraid that it would affect his Hollywood career- that he would be defined by his HIV positive, incurable disease.

charlie-sheen-99Fading from glory fast, the celebrity has to do things that make him or her relevant. I was of the notion that Sheen always faded by accident because he wasn’t really that great of an actor. Regardless of that opinion, because he might be your favorite actor, he has our attention again- but the overarching question we have to ask ourselves is: is this the last we’ll be seeing from Mr. Sheen?

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