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(TT) – Jeb Bush (Jebcanfixit), Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Donald Trump- who cares who else is running?  Occasionally, Rubio rears his head, Fiorina surfaces with her ice cold countenance and subsequent criticisms, or Bernie Sanders surfaces after he makes outrageous claims that he can make higher education free. Now, how the hell is he going to do that? Who knows, but I digress…

Ultimately, if you’re not Jebcanfixit, Hillary Clinton, the quasi- token black guy, Ben Carson, or the toupee- America doesn’t really identify with you.

Hillary ClintonHillary’s popularity, her coaching from Bill Clinton, her suffering because of Bill Clinton and the leaked email scandal, probably because of Bill Clinton (jk)- will be a perfect rise, fall, and comeback story. She’s even quasi-portrayed on TV in the form of Mellie Grant. She’s probably going to be the next POTUS, and it’s not because of any policy that she has. She’s capable, female and going to change history- republicans feel threatened by that idea, and rightfully so.

Jeb Bush, also known as Jebcanfixit, has the internet going nuts with the ridiculous notion that he’s going to fix anything- except an election. Yeah, we haven’t forgotten that whole recount thing in Florida. And his recent foibles in debates, except for fantasy football topics, just further draw attention to his leaderless appearance. But because of his father, who actually was a pretty good president, his brother- no comment, and this weird pattern of Bushes in office every 8 years, he’s going to stay in the public’s view until we eventually lose interest. Bet the bank, this election will break the Bush-in-office pattern. I don’t think Jeb is going to be able to fix this one.

Ben Carson, as of this moment, is leading in the polls for the Republican party. Another Black guy in office? No way- not yet. First of all, how many Black people are even Republican? Second of all, I don’t think America respects Obama the way they are supposed to- obviously because he’s a democrat, but mainly because he’s Black. Who wants those kind of problems in his life? Plus, Ben Carson is not really a politician- he’s a neurosurgeon. He’s like a smart guy who sits on his couch and can form an opinion. He’s Seventh Day Adventist, a pacifist- and obviously I’m hoping it never has to come this, but how is he going to make the tough decision to drone strike another country? I just think, right now, he’s the best of a bad situation for republicans- they don’t have anyone who America can put some semblance of trust in.

Last and least, soon to be last, the toupee- Donald Trump. What can I say? Billionaire and loud mouth, he had America at hello, but now that the honeymoon is over, people see him as the racist, sexist, toupee that he is. He wanted to build a magical wall to keep immigrants out; he thinks he is going to quintuple everyone’s money; he doesn’t respect women; he complains about everything. I mean, come on, he disqualified himself. At first he represented America’s frustrations with Obama, who has actually done everything he could to change America for the better. Now he’s just taking up space, eating away votes from other quasi politicians, and he loves it. He is disruptive; he says what’s on his mind to stay relevant; he’s rich. The personification of sabotage, Donald Trump is the American Dream.

Hillary is Mellie GrantEnfin, this election is one of the weirdest, most irrelevant elections that I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a freak show, a distraction at best- republicans can’t debate and are blaming NBC, there’s a black guy and a toupee involved, the democrats are irrelevant except for Hillary Clinton… This is just mundane, pseudo- reality TV- a Kardashian show- Love and Hip Hop. America, to be honest, just needs something to watch. So, for the time being we’re game, but at the end of the day we’re just waiting for Hillary’s manifest destiny to come to pass.

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