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Bandwagon fans in the NBA: a Derrick Rose Story

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Media day, for Derrick Rose, didn’t go as smooth as possible when he spoke of free agency and the gobs of money players are seeking to cash in on. This didn’t sit well with the media, bloggers, or fans around the country. I even found it a bit weird, that D Rose would even give the media that kind of material to blast him with.

We all jumped at the bait, took parts of the interview, and made a great rise and fall story out of it- a story that is supposedly, even though prematurely, coming full circle.

Brian WindhurstOnce, megastar basketball player, Derrick Rose has, apparently, fallen even further from the media’s and certain NBA fans’ good graces. With an unsubstantiated report, Brian Windhorst claims: “Derrick Rose breakup with the Bulls has begun.”

I just want to know where he got this information from, because everyone is running will with that story.

Today, reporters like Colin Cowherd, who loquaciously enunciate really well in order to make a point, have pretty much written the guy off. Tomorrow, if he plays well, they’ll be back on the bandwagon.

Cowherd claims that D Rose is replaceable because he doesn’t make phone calls like Kobe or Lebron- he says such ridiculousness because he fails to go above and beyond what’s in his contract. He’s not replaceable- this is not FanDuel or Draft Kings.

Confusingly, he then compares Derrick Rose to the President of the Miami Heat, saying that Pat Riley is a great recruiter even though it’s not in his contract…

What? Everyone is not Lebron, Kobe, Riley or Cuban. Some people just want to play basketball and take care of their family- and that’s okay. It’s just not fair for someone who sits behind a desk to ask someone to do something they cannot.

Why does D Rose need to make phone calls or answer questions perfectly in order to be a star? He doesn’t have to acquiesce to the media…

Derrick Rose just has to play basketball and fulfill his contractual obligations.

Plus, the season has just started. Let him cook… And if he doesn’t, worse things have happened in basketball.

But to claim that he’s not “great at anything”, further highlights the fact that most media members, who have never played sports, cannot begin to understand what people in high risk sports are facing.

Marshawn Lynch may be on to something. If you’re going to speak and everyone just takes what you say out of context, why talk?

Listen to his full interview on media day. He was contemplating about free agency and the amount of money he would receive, but he wanted to do so in CHICAGO. While injured, when Steve Nash blatantly said he’s on the team to get his check, we brushed it off like he was a cute little kid.


Enfin, Derrick Rose is injury prone and is thinking about his future- just like every other injury prone superstar. He’s not playing well right now, I get it- the media is going to ride him into the ground because he’s an easy target. I get it, but just be fair- he’s still a great player. Hopefully, he starts playing well again and the bandwagon nba fans and media will eat their words.

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