Zimmerman tweets a picture of Trayvon

Zimmerman tweets a picture of Trayvon

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Mild mannered, law abiding citizen by (maybe 5 minutes of the) day, CRIME FIGHTING IDIOT all other times, Zimmerman tempts fate once again by retweeting Trayvon Martin’s inanimate body. I won’t dignify the foolishness by posting the picture, but I can imagine “How did we let him get away with this in the first place?” is a question on a lot of decent people’s minds.

By “we” I mean America- our justice system. After the case, which further exposes how helpless we really are to a “system” that merits itself on beating the other lawyer and precedence, over actual justice or common sense, “Let Freedom Ring” was replaced by insert-System of a Down- song-here.

Zimmerman tweets a picture of Trayvon Martin? Like, some other Trayvon, or the KID he murdered in cold blood? That’s some ‘ol bull and gaul and TOXIC stuff and zimmerman tweets trayvonthere’s probably nothing we can do about it; when are we going to start treating him like a pariah? You know, like we did Orenthal. Everyone THOUGHT he did it, and was finally given some kind of justice for his continuous tempting of fate. The big Z ACTUALLY did it, no debating ‘whodunnit’, and still tempts fate. Yet, he goes on living life in the wind and smoke, without a care in the world- the legend, George Zimmerman.

Some people might say it’s just a retweet, a click of a button, a response triggered from some sort of connection to the post,  but I say the physiology is the same. Every time he’s allowed to pull something like this, that draws attention to his heinous crime, he pulls the trigger all over again.

Will he ever get his just deserts? Will he ever get OJ’ed? Is justice a fleeting, fickle farce, told by storytellers to keep us docile around the fire at night? Please inform me- inquiring minds want to know.

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