Medical Marijuana Giveaway

Medical Marijuana Giveaway for California Wildfire Victims

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MIDDLETON, California (TT) — Medical Mary Jane dispensers in Cali are offering upwards of 200 bucks for patients who were affected by the wildfire. Huh? Medical marijuana giveaway for California wildfire victims? I’m not entirely sure the indications for medical marijuana, but is destroyed stuff one of them? How about you give them $200 if you really care, or is the free weed just a way to distract people from what’s really going on?

(“I mean it’s medical marijuana- it obviously can’t be for recreation.” When discussing this story, my confidant started off saying this with a straight face, but it quickly turned into laughter. If you want to give away free bud that’s your business, literally, but don’t make it seem like you’re trying to alleviate some sort of suffering to wildfire victims.)

Medical Marijuana Giveaway

This looks like a scene out of Hell man. I feel sorry for California

Mind you, no laughing matter, the wildfire did do major damage, ripping through almost 2000 homes and killing 4 people. While some sort of stress relief is in order, $20,000 in medical marijuana and paraphernalia just seem a bit red herring-ish- like what’s the point? If hurt by the fires physically, you probably need a doctor (not a drug dealer). If hurt psychologically, you probably need someone to talk to (maybe the weed doctor…jk)…

Here are the indications for medical marijuana. Medical Marijuana GiveawayYou know who are we kidding? We all know why they’re being so charitable… It’s because people will remember who’s giving them free weed. The greatest advertising will always be word of mouth advertising. Medical marijuana dispensers, you get an A+ (for advertising).

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