New Press Release

New Press Release

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The Trending- The World’s First User-Motivated Visibility Microblog



The Trending – A Unique, User Driven News and Reviews Portal, BETA Launch Announced Today by

Enlightened Eclectic Socialite7 Inc.

Houston, Texas – United States – October 14, 2015 – Enlightened Eclectic Socialite7, Inc., a user-motivated visibility company, announced the launch of their new Startup Web Application. The website can be viewed at

The Trending- users create the trends, share them with the world and cash in on their perspectives. “It’s like cash back for your experiences, except you keep earning,” states founder Kelechi Azuogu, MD. More specifically, The Trending is a community of writers, explorers and life enthusiasts who do not just wait for the news to come to them. They live it, discover it, and create it. They are encouraged to share personal stories, images, opinion pieces, reviews, and much more. The site offers tools for “Trendsetters”, who are people, businesses and brands, to build new followers, engage existing audiences and participate in a unique revenue share.

Literally a rewarding experience, if the purpose of The Trending is to increase user-motivated visibility, the premise of the site explores the notion that people are more likely to consume something that friends recommend or talk about. “Trendsetters” share their experiences, reviews and opinions because they have more reasons to share. “It’s a pretty cool concept,” adds Azuogu. The initial boost and publisher’s bonus is performance-based, offering an incentive to create and share quality content with as many friends as possible. “We use an instant gratification positive feedback loop,” says the founder. “Everyone already talks about the news, reviews and personal experiences every single day. Once users catch on to the concept of being compensated for it, I think they are going to be stoked to share this new platform with their followers and friends.” By design, free users receive anywhere from 20 cents to a dollar for creating and sharing content, on top of many other perks.

Speaking of design, the website is beautiful and graphically clean. Easy to navigate, register and manage content, “We are very pleased with the aesthetics of the user interface and functionality of the website,” says Azuogu. “It is as simple as creating a blog post without the hoopla of setting up a theme, messing with code, or delving into the mysterious SEO.” The Trending provides the framework; users just have to start doing what they already do when they’re on the Internet: read, create, comment and share. Users, businesses and brands can sign up for free. If enhanced visibility and other perks are desired, they can upgrade to a paid membership later; the ranges are $7 to $77.

Overall, the Trending has an inviting and friendly tone, but makes it easy to create powerful and trendy content. With various social media and automated SEO tools at their fingertips, “Trendsetters” will gain greater visibility on and off the web through viral news, reviews and an original promotion concept; the applications for user-motivated visibility are endless. To learn more about The Trending, visit them at



The Trending

Dr. Kelechi Azuogu

Enlightened Eclectic Socialite7 Inc.

Houston, TX




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