call of duty black ops commercial

This is an Amazing Call of Duty Black Ops Commercial

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(TT) – This is an Amazing Call of Duty Black Ops Commercial– maybe one of the best video game commercials of all time.

In the middle of a football game, I was about to go get a drink when NFL Sunday was interrupted by another commercial, but then Michael B. Jordan popped up. He’s a pretty cool actor, and Call of Duty is a great game. So, I decided to stay.

The gameplay looks pretty cool-  it looks like a game, that anyone who likes first person shooters, would automatically put on their wish list.

I was already going to get Call of Duty Black Ops 3, But when Marshawn Lynch- Beast Mode- appeared on screen… Let’s just say they had me at hello. Be on the look out for this game, but you can take a look at the commercial below.

Call of duty Black Ops Commercial


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