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jon snow rumorsThe Jon Snow rumors have been around since the day we were all betrayed by that little kid, Olly. Ides of March-ish, even the President speculated the writers of the show were just toying with our summer emotions. ‘Goteem,’ like we were too naïve to understand object permanence. The rumors took the fake stairs down, behind the couch, and now they’re taking the stairs back up. This photo apparently puts an end to the rumors, and we bite on time, raised eyebrows and all.


Got-kit-s6bIt’s funny how the media propagates something that might or might not be true. Proof of existence with a photo that might or might not be. I’m glad our legal system “somewhat”  predicates itself on facts because with “proof” like this, are we just trying to the inflate the sell or summon mass hysteria (and there’s nothing wrong with the second one:))?

Hysterically, I do my best to focus on this blurry photo and see a random person with a ponytail. I don’t see Kit Harrington- not saying that it’s not. Maybe I need to hold my monocle closer. I mean this photo, even if it is Kit Harrington can be a scene of a flashback or a dream or whatever. The producers of the show didn’t say you’ll never see Jon Snow again. He just got back stabbed, set up like Cesar. I mean it’s Game of Thrones -dragons, queens, crazy swords… kids who can transfer their consciousness into other people… I think they can spin a ghost or two, a flashback or a dream.


Olly_3342749b-500x375cWith that being said it would be cool to see him alive…lol. I mean he was just getting good. When he used his sword to end the White Walker(ice monster) it left me thinking this is the greatest series of all time. Then he met his fate at the hands of chicanery and machination. It was pretty much a loser way to go, but it did add a wow factor that most shows could never pull off. If he doesn’t come back, though, and everyone is disappointed that this blurry photo wasn’t Jon Snow’s Resurrection, remember, the director told the president of the United States he’s not alive… AND… Blame this guy :).

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