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Jerry Heller Sues ‘Straight Outta Compton’ for Defamation

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straight outta compton(TT) – Clearly fishing for money and attention at an elderly age, Jerry Heller is apparently filing a lawsuit against EVERYBODY involved in Straight Outta Compton- Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Universal, etc.

And he’s suing for defamation of character, in the order of $110,000,000…Werd?

Werd. A tad excessive, Heller claims his character was inaccurately portrayed as “the bad guy”, reporting he did not withhold a 75 thousand dollar check from Ice Cube, eat lobster while trying to get Dr. Dre and Ice Cube to sign loser contracts and a couple of other seemingly minor inaccuracies.

Really? Lobster? Withholding checks? So, the issue with defamation of character is that it would be hard to prove that it has caused harm to the Jerrmesiter, or that the opinions in the movie are inaccurate.

I don’t think people believe he’s a totally horrible person; it hasn’t ruined his already less than perfect reputation- he’s undoubtably recognized as helping the NWA movement and as being the manager of the group. Clearly though, common sense will tell followers that the money probably wasn’t divvied properly- otherwise, why would friends leave such a powerful group?

Usually when a group breaks up it’s ultimately entwined to money. In those days, when the industry was  (figuratively) robbing artists, this claim that he was doing similar practices doesn’t seem so far fetched…

Also, people don’t know what they ate 1 week ago, let alone decades ago. How is he going to prove what he was eating? How is he going to disprove he didn’t withhold a check from Cube, unless he has proof showing that he did give him said check?

I’m no lawyer, but the litigation happy claim just doesn’t make too much sense. Plus, he doesn’t really make too much sense. He once said: “I think that N.W.A picked up where Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King would have gone if they hadn’t been assassinated,” in a previous interview with Really dude? You think Martin Luther King was going to talk about some b’s and h’s and F the police. Really?

Straight outta compton

He then asserts: “I think that they did more for race relations in this country than any other entity in history.” Really? Really- more than MLK or Malcolm X?

Jerry Heller sues Straight Outta Compton for $110,000,000? The more I delve into the story, the more frustrating it gets.

The silver lining- this will not be interesting for too long- just give him a couple of g’s and get this guy the expletive ‘Outta’ here.

Enfin, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and can sue anyone they wish…I guess. We could be wrong about this whole thing and he really does deserve this money… Tell us what you think…

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