Supreme Jordan 5

Supreme Jordan 5 Release date in America

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(TT) – To all of the sneaker heads, the lastest Jordan’s– Sair jordan 5 supreme campoutupreme Jordan 5— will not be released in America per se. They’re only available online despite the Supreme brand having shops in New York and LA. I guess they don’t think Americans know how to act when it comes to this magical brand. In London and Japan they have been released and the campouts were something serious. I mean it doesn’t matter if you’re sick, or if it’s cold or raining. I’m not really too sure what to think about the shoes, but ‘whatev’– they cost about $200, but are, of course, being sold on ebay for like $500. That’s probably why people are probably actually in line– for the come up. Take a look.


Supreme Jordan 5



SUPREME Jordan 5 Release Date Confirmed |


RT @Sneaker_Talk: The rumored release date for the Supreme Jordan 5 is Oct 15th


RT @desusnice: Obama gotta speak on this supreme jordan release

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