bay city police

Bay City PD and Their war on drugs… Antics

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bay city police
Yea… so, I recently watched this video about cops that didn’t have to do with unnecessary shootings, abuse of power, racial profiling, rioting, etc. I know, crazy huh?

I’m not saying cops are the cause of all of those scenarios; I’m just saying these are the themes in the modern day era of cops and surrounding shenanigans, but I digress.

reno 911 trendingThe video below reminds me of Brooklyn Nine- Nine, except that in that show they do dumb things and actually catch the criminals. And I remember Reno 911 with the short shorts and pseudo-UPS uniforms. Sadly, the days of RENO 911 are over, or are they? LOL…smh.




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So this video attempts to do what no mere mortal has ever succeeded at, and that’s end the war on drugs by trying to double reverse psychologize criminals and the drug users who illegally use them. So, why would a person ever turn in a drug user… in any situation? Even in movies people refrain from even flirting with the idea of willingly talking to cops (unless they’re family or friends). Not only are they suggesting to go to cops as an informant, they’re implying that they would protect the person as well….LOL. Tight… This great idea should be a whole new TV show idea called criminal intent: (insert sarcasm here). Is this even real life…?

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