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Welcome to the coolest trending news portal. Read The Latest News here; then, create trends and watch your influence grow to the max. Say hello to the paradigm shift in blogging, news creation and reviews. Tell the world really what you think.

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We’ve tried to simplify the process of viewing and creating popularity. The Trending is a trending news portal, where Trendsetters report the latest news today, movie reviews, restaurant reviews, personal stories and other trends. Take a look on the right to get a better picture of what you can do with the site. First, get familiar with the site, and when you’re ready to be an advanced trendsetter, use your nonpareil creativity and share your writing, art, poetry, music and reviews of places, music, movies and TV. Boss moves!

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Trendsetters don’t just let the news come to them. With our trending news portal you simply do three main things: create the trends, share them with the world and cash in on your perspectives. It’s like cash back for your experiences. Build new followers, engage existing audiences and participate in a unique revenue share. Literally, the trending is a truly rewarding experience.

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You can share almost anything. Share anything you think is cool or informative. You’ll have your list of writing, videos, music, events, places, movies and reviews to share. Start creating and start sharing.
We have a treat for you. You probably won’t get rich, but it’s kind of cool platform to create, share and to keep up with the latest trends. You Just Need a Paypal account!

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